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Smart Style
Main address: 7201 Metro Blvd 55439 Minneapolis MN
1-800-737-3535, ,
  • 204+35 mobile complaints
  • $17.3K claimed losses
  • $72 average
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  • Oct 27
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • Butte, Montana
  • Hair Perming
  • 56

I went to your salon on Harrison Street in Butte, Montana for a permanent. I was getting a permanent $65.00, which is a lot of money when a person is on a tight budget. When I left the salon my hair looked alright. I was headed to Idaho and would be gone for a week. When I washed my hair after the three day wait, it looked terrible. The permanent completely dried out my hair ( it looks like... Read more

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  • Oct 22
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • South Hill, Virginia
  • Waiting Time
  • 124

I made 3 trips to south hill salon 04541,today being the 3rd. I have been using smart style,for over a year,I am usually a patient person,I was waiting for a certain stylist, I called this morning, the person working working said Roberta would be in @ 12:00, when I got there @11:45, Foberta had called, she was going to be late, 1 stylist was working, the stylist there called her , told her I was... Read more

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Im not pissed im happy. I dont know where these people got their hair done but i know i wasn't Wal-Mart's smartstyle. I love the salon. I get so many compliments with it. Keep up the great work . Add comment


  • Oct 15
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Hair Color Services
  • 197

I went to smart styles on several occasions. I was FORTUNATE to have my hair cut by KNOWLEDGABLE stylists. Last time I went there, the stylist DID NOT KNOW WHAT SHE WAS DOING. She kept going to another stylist and asking her what and how to do my hair. I wanted highlights. She first told me I would be charged $49.95. Then when she took me to her chair, she said they had to charge me $6 a... Read more

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  • Oct 12
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • Hair Cut
  • 154

I have been going to smart style for 3years and been using the same stylist since he started coming to butler about 2years, and have been very happy with him and trusted him with my hair,he knew how i liked it and i liked not having having to tell him how to cut my hair. My last visit was a lot different he complained about how it was laying and instead of trying to get it right he just cut it... Read more

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  • Oct 08
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • North Charleston, South Carolina
  • Poor Hair Service
  • 1
  • 1
  • 196

Went to a smart style to get a wash and wrap waited about 2hrs to get hair done. The results were not good. My hair look like it was never done if she couldn't do what I wanted then she should have said I can't do it or don't know how. Then I call the office to talk with the district manager an she had attitude why I payed for my hair I didn't get it free. But I went to another smart style an I... Read more

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I would just like to say smart style is a large company with many many hairdressers lots of good ones but with lots of people you get some bad ones sometimes too ! You can't bring down the name of the salon it was the person that cut your hair ! Just saying I see a girl there who does an AMAZING job on my hair Add comment


  • Oct 04
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • Hair Drying
  • 148

Got my hair washed and cut today but was told when done that it would cost me extra to have it dried. Only dried, didn't want it styled. REDICULOUS. WHO WANTS TO WALK AROUND WITH WET HAIR.whats even more rediculous is that because my complaint isn't at least 100 words I can't submit it. Rediculous rediculous rediculous and even more rediculous. I still need to type forty four more words before I... Read more

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  • Oct 03
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • Danville, Virginia
  • Unprofessional Hair Service
  • 205

On 9/30 I visited the Walmart styling salon at 515 Mount Cross Rd Danville, VA around 12pm to set appointment for a shampoo and style - the young lady told me I didn't need to set one just come back when I got ready to shampoo because I told her I was on my lunch break and I would come back after 5pm same day and I asked If she would be there to do it for me she said yes so I did go back and was... Read more

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  • Sep 30
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • Thousand Oaks, California
  • Hair Trimming
  • 122

I went to Smart Style in Ft. Wayne, IN on Lima Rd. I told the stylish that I would like to have my hair trimmed. I told her I liked my hair short in the back and showed her where and that I needed to have the bare minimum cur of the top. Well, she didn't do what I asked and By the time I was finished, my hair on the sides and in the back are so short that I can not get a curling iron on it or a... Read more

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